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Copper-aluminum Composite Material

Through forward-looking innovation collaborations, Goode has developed continuous casting and rolling techniques for copper-aluminum composites, addressing bottlenecks in the composite field for multiple metal materials. These composites can be single-sided or double-sided with copper coatings, and the thickness of the copper-aluminum layers can be flexibly adjusted. This process eliminates eutectic defects in copper-aluminum combinations; there are no brittle phases between the layers, ensuring a homogeneous and stable interface with high composite strength. The method enables precise control over eutectic layer formation and expansion, meeting the thermal percolation recombination temperatures between the two metals. With a high level of industrial automation, stable technology, and reliability, this technique facilitates large-scale production. The applications of these copper-aluminum composite materials span photovoltaic power generation, substations, power transmission, high-speed rail, and building decoration. Notably, they are particularly valuable in new energy electric vehicle battery packs for components like poles and busbars. Key advantages encompass easy solutions for the transition junctions between copper and aluminum dissimilar metals, combined with high performance, lightweight, and cost-effectiveness.

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