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ESG (short for Environmental, Social and Governance) is an emerging investment concept and corporate assessment standard that focuses on a company's environmental, social and corporate governance performance rather than financial performance and can assess a company's sustainability capabilities.

Under the dual impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the energy crisis, the wave of sustainable development has swept all countries in the world, and the ESG concept, which is deeply aligned with it, continues to heat up on a global scale. At the same time, the promotion of the "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goal" has also accelerated the development of ESG into the fast lane. In recent years, Goode has provided a new direction for its brand positioning by developing a sustainability strategy, as consumers increasingly place an emphasis on sustainability. With these three aspects in mind, Goode has developed a comprehensive sustainable development strategy to promote coordinated economic, social and environmental development.

For the environment, we focus on reducing carbon emissions and rational use of resources. We have taken a number of measures, such as implementing energy conservation and emission reduction programs, optimizing the production process of electrical materials to reduce energy consumption, and promoting green products to reduce adverse environmental impacts. On the social front, we are committed to diversity and inclusion and actively participate in the public goods. We encourage employees to actively participate in community service, support employees' personal growth and development, pay attention to employees' welfare and rights, and provide employees with a healthy and safe working environment. In terms of governance, we attach great importance to transparency and normality. We have established an effective internal control and governance mechanism to ensure that the company's decisions are fair and legal. At the same time, we actively advocate for corporate governance practices, strengthen oversight of the board and senior management, and improve the company's decision making efficiency and risk management capabilities.

With the goal of sustainable development in mind, Goode focuses on and practices ESG to achieve not only economic growth, but also positive contributions to society and the environment. The focus on sustainability issues has also opened up new business opportunities for Goode. We firmly believe that only when ESG is fully considered can Goode achieve true sustainability.

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