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About Ecovadis

EcoVadis is a globally recognized corporate sustainability performance assessment standard based on a number of international sustainability standards, including ISO26000 Social Responsibility Standards, Global Reporting Initiative GRI Guidelines, International Labour Organization Conventions, and Global Compact Principles, covering more than 200 industries and more than 170 countries. The evaluation criteria include four aspects: environment, labor human rights, business ethics, and sustainable procurement, and the evaluation criteria aims to assess the environmental and social (ESG) performance of companies on a global scale. Currently, more than 600 major multinational companies use EcoVadis ratings in their daily purchasing decisions.

Ecovadis Audit And Certification

Recently, Goode EIS (Suzhou) Corp LTD. (Goode Electrical Materials) achieved 59 points in the 2023 Ecovadis sustainability certification rating and won the silver medal, ranking 26% of the 85,000 enterprises participating in the global assessment and the top 8% in China.